Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

It has often been said that it is not polite to discuss politics and religion. Well, I am about to discuss both. As the Mid-Term Elections approach there is much talk about the Church’s role in the American political landscape. Terms like “Christian Nationalism” and the “Evangelical Vote” often come up in political conversations these days. There are those who would say the Church should stay out of politics, and Christians should not let their faith affect their vote. The call for separation of Church and State is blaring, but we need to consider what the Word of God says.

All governing authorities that exist are appointed by God. That means every government on the face of the earth, whether good or bad, was appointed by God for His good purpose. Some nations have a dictatorship, some a Communist regime, others a monarchy…but here in the United States God has appointed a Democracy, a government by the people. He has blessed each citizen of the United States with a voice in our government and the right to vote, and since God has appointed the governance of this nation to the people, we Christians have a responsibility to use our political voice and our vote to honor God.

The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ cannot avoid broaching political issues, and the people of God must use their vote to uphold His moral and ethical law. So when November comes, it is your Christian responsibility to support God’s appointed government over these United States by exercising your vote in a way that will please Him. God bless America.

Have a God Filled Week,

Brother Donnie

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