Messed Up!

Titus 2:1 But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine:

A recent Barna Group Poll suggests that roughly 20 percent of professing Christians have a “Biblical Worldview.” By that they mean only one out of five Christians look at the world through the lens of Scripture and four out of five don’t. Now as surprising as that might seem the poll goes on to proclaim only one out of every three church Pastors have a “Biblical Worldview.” That’s messed up.

This means if you walk into a room containing 100 pastors about 66 of them don’t have a Biblical Worldview. They don’t examine what’s going on in the world today through the lens of Scripture. Instead they blend human philosophy and cultural relativism into their cherry-picked biblical beliefs to achieve their individual worldview. That’s what theologians call “Syncretism.” (In my opinion it’s just plain old sin.) That means 66 out of every 100 pastors in the pulpits of American churches today are false teachers. That would also lead us to conclude that 66 out of every 100 churches in America today are false churches because they tolerate those teachers.

Look, the world is messed up because so many churches today are messed up. And those churches are messed up because church leadership is messed up. If the preachers in the pulpits are preaching messages based on a view other than the Bible then how can they possibly speak things that are proper for sound doctrine?

They can’t!

As much as you might love him, don’t assume your pastor has a Biblical Worldview. Compare what he teaches to the Scriptures. Examine his life to see if he’s living out a Biblical Worldview. Hold church leadership accountable for what they say and do according to the Word of God.

Have a God Filled Week,

Brother Donnie

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